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A Guide to the Maldives

April 6, 2022


The Maldives is a popular tourist destination with a thriving economy. Despite its isolation, the Maldives has a strong sense of community and culture. Despite this, the Maldivian economy is still largely a small scale handicraft industry. Industries on the islands range from coir production to fish canning to boatbuilding. Textile manufacturing was once one of the more lucrative sectors, but that regime was ended in 2005. Today, the industrial sector mainly consists of construction.


When visiting the Maldives, you can visit its densely populated capital, Male. This island nation in the Indian Ocean is filled with mosques and colorful buildings. The Islamic Centre has a mosque and a library, and its gold dome is easily distinguishable from other buildings. You can also check out a fish market where you can buy the day’s catch. A produce market is also a popular destination, as you can buy fresh produce and local fruit.

In addition to the national museum, the capital city of the Maldives is filled with shopping opportunities. The city also features a modern mall and local markets. You can buy souvenirs here if you’re looking for a gift for a loved one. Male offers a variety of places to eat and drink, including a few great places for water sports and sightseeing. The capital city is the most popular gateway for honeymooners and couples.

For dinner, you can try the famous Maldivian burger at the Male Burger Place. The city’s restaurants and pubs offer a variety of cuisines and desserts. Even the people on low-calorie diets will have no problem finding something they like here. And don’t forget to check out Male’s nightlife scene. You’ll be happy you did! And you’ll have plenty of time to do it too!


If you’ve been to the Maldives, you’ve probably noticed a place called Hulhumale. A man-made island surrounded by azure blue waters, Hulhumale has freshly planted timber and a beautiful, open beach. Hulhumale is home to a golden-domed mosque. Designed to improve the tourist experience, it’s a remarkably environmentally conscious place.

There are no large malls on Hulhumale Island, so you can enjoy the natural setting and local souvenirs. There are large lawns and leafy trees, and even a small pond to play soccer. For those looking for a quiet place to read or just relax, this is the place for you. You can also buy souvenirs for loved ones back home. A variety of Maldivian handicrafts are available on Hulhumale.

The town itself has a plethora of local shops and beach outlets. You’ll find most Maldivian shops along the main street and the crossroad to Hulhumale Central Park. While you’re here, you can take a stroll through the Centro mall, a five-story shopping center that’s not yet fully occupied. You can find branded clothing stores, cute coffee shops, and ice cream places.

Getting around the island is easy. A road connecting the airport to the island offers a convenient way to get around. When you’re in the mood for some adventure, there’s a lot to do in Hulhumale. Just make sure to check the going rate online ahead of time. In early 2018, $1 equaled 15.5 MVR. Alternatively, you can use an ATM to get cash. ATMs can be found throughout the island, but you’ll need to pay a fee for the service.

Hulhumale island

The Hulhumale island is a reclaimed piece of land eight kilometers off the coast of Male. The island is made of millions of tons of sand pumped from the bottom of the ocean and rises two meters above sea level. The island was created to alleviate acute pressures on housing in the Maldives’ capital city and offer a safe haven for travelers from the rising seas.

The water on the island is crystal clear and calm, ideal for water sports and snorkelling. The coral reef about 70 metres off the shore is home to a remarkable array of marine life, including turtles, baby sharks, and rays. There are several stalls and offices offering snorkelling and scuba diving on the island. If you prefer not to take part in the activity, you can simply relax by the pool, sunbathe, or go for a swim.

Construction on Hulhumale began in 1997. In 2004, the island’s population reached over 50,000. The local authorities are actively supporting the development of the island. The island is connected to Male via a road that winds its way through a lagoon. While the island is not as large as Male, it offers visitors a unique cultural experience that will last a lifetime. The island offers a range of activities for visitors and locals alike, so you’re sure to have a great time on the island!

Male airport

In the Maldives, alcohol is prohibited, so you should leave it behind. Moreover, the Male International Airport x-rays your hand luggage and main luggage, so make sure to label any medications properly. Alcohol and religious texts are also banned in the Maldives. However, you can purchase alcohol at Duty Free. Shopping options at Male International Airport are limited. However, you can buy souvenirs from various stores.

In addition to international flights, the Maldives Airport also provides a 24-hour ferry service that connects the city to the island resorts. Taxis are readily available at the ferry terminal, and speedboats are the fastest way to reach Male. All flights from the Maldives’ other islands connect to Male Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, including domestic and international flights. The airport also operates one of the largest seaplane terminal platforms in the world. Seaplanes can land directly at a resort. If you want to fly to the other islands, the Maldives has domestic flights and private charters.

The Maldives’ international airports are managed by major airlines, such as Air India, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, and United. Male airport is located on Hulhule Island, which is a separate artificial island off the capital, Male. It is connected to the city by ferry boats, and is accessible by road from Hulhumale’. The Maldives’ domestic airports are operated by the Maldives Airport Company Limited, which offers a variety of services.

Manta Air

The DHC6 aircraft of Manta Air flipped upside down while landing on Male-Velana International Airport on Sunday. The aircraft was carrying six passengers and three crew members and was operating flight NR-117. All occupants were safe and the aircraft was recovered. The crash caused the Maldives National Defense Force to deploy to the scene. The aircraft’s headway was a reported 014 degrees, and the Twin Otter was flying in a crosswind of seven to eight kts.

In addition to flying domestically, Manta Air also flies internationally, offering non-stop flights between India and the Maldives. Their first flights will connect Dhaalu Airport to several Indian cities. Eventually, Manta Air will offer flights to Colombo and several other cities in Sri Lanka. In addition, Manta Air will begin offering flights to Sri Lanka from the Maldives and will be one of the few airlines that offer direct international service to the country.

The airline has two ATR 72-600 aircraft. This aircraft is ideal for domestic flights, with a short runway and excellent takeoff performance. It is also known for its spacious cabin and enhanced legroom. In addition, the airline is introducing a new cabin design that will make the flight experience more pleasant for passengers. Manta Air Maldives will also offer flights to the islands of Hanimaadhoo, Ifuru, Kaavarulu, Fuvahmulah, and Gan.


If you are planning a vacation to the Maldives, a cruise is the best way to see all of the many islands and resorts. A cruise also provides you with the opportunity to snorkel and dive on a variety of different reefs. There are different types of Maldives cruises depending on your preferences, so you can pick the one that best suits your interests. You can also choose a cruise that offers you more time on the beach or one that’s more geared towards enjoying the beautiful reefs.

Small ships provide the perfect setting for an island vacation, as they are spacious and offer a chance to meet fellow travelers. Onboard, you’ll find air-conditioning and private bathrooms. All meals are included. Even though the boat is small, it’s a great way to see many different parts of the Maldives. There are even opportunities to go fishing and have a barbecue on deserted islands. However, if you’re not looking for luxury, this is probably not the boat for you.

If you’re planning a vacation to the Maldives, make sure to research the destination first. The archipelago has one of the lowest elevations of any country in the world. The average elevation is just 4 feet, 11 inches. The highest point in the Maldives is the lowest point in any country in the world. Cruise-Maldives should include excursions to the islands. If you’re able to travel by seaplane, be sure to ask other travelers about their experiences and comparisons.

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